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If you want to improve your writing and making posts more interesting and descriptive, this is the place to go. Helpful tips and links posted here.

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This should be your first stop! Everything you need to know can be found here, so make sure to read everything.

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If you have a question, the staff and all other members would would be happy to help you out. Also, don't be afraid to post suggestions to help make this site better.

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The staff will post important updates and other information here for you to read. Check here frequently, please and thank you.

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No New Posts The Captail

Only staff can see this board. Yea we talk about you all the time.

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Character Creations

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No New Posts Files on Record

This is where all the accepted applications will be agganged by town. They will be kept unlocked so you can easily edit it as needed.

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No New Posts Data Books

The go to place for all information on claims, canons, and homunculus. We work on a first come, first served basis here; so always make sure to stake your claims!

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Applications can be found here. Just copy the code and post in the 'Pending' section. Please be patient while waiting for your application to be looked over.


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No New Posts Character Plots

Come here to establish your character's plot, flesh out relationships,and plot with other characters.

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All role play related requests should be posted here. That includes character, plot, and thread requests.

Sub-boards: Character Requests, Thread Requests, Plot Requests

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The Towns and places Around Captial City

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No New Posts Central City

Central is the seat of government in Amestris. The National Central Library, Central Command, the 5 National Laboratories, and Amestris' Parliament are all located in Central. Aside from its symbol as a military headquarters, Central is also a bustling metropolis and arguably Amestris' largest city, complete with nearly everything Amestrian society has to offer as well as a lasting and rarely disturbed sense of peace created by its proximity to the government's imposing presence. After the events in the eastern regions of Amestris and the Elrics' excursion to the southern region, much of the Fullmetal Alchemist story takes place in Central, as it also serves as the Homunculi's home base, the heart of which is located deep beneath Central Command Headquarters.

Sub-boards: Central Command Center, Central Prison, Lab Five

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No New Posts East City

East City is a city in the eastern region of Amestris, which serves as the military command base for the area. For most of the series' first arc, East City is where Colonel Roy Mustang and his subordinates are stationed as well as the point where Edward Elric must make his official reports.

Though considered by many as a "backwater" place with little future, East City boasts what is recognized as Amestris' strongest offensive force. Having the closest proximity to Ishval, the Eastern Military was the main bulk of the Ishvalan civil wars; experiencing its soldiers considerably. Much like the northern Briggs' soldiers share a special bond with their leader, East forces hold Lieutenant General Grumman in very high regards, going as far as betraying Central Command and King Bradley on his orders.

East City is also home to a few famous alchemists, such as Basque Grand and Shou Tucker. The Marl River runs through the town, feeding drainage tunnels downstream.

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No New Posts South City

South City is the main military hub and cultural center for the southern region of Amestris. Located to the south of Dublith, it is a place famous for its sightseeing and tourist attractions.

In the manga, it first appears in Chapter 27, when Edward Elric rushes to the South Area HQ from Dublith in order to turn in his yearly assessment report before the deadline. He accidentally encounters Major Alex Louis Armstrong, who is acting as part of King Bradley's escort while the Führer inspects the facility. However, the next we hear of Southern Headquarters, the soldiers there have been conducting a rather bloody border war with Aerugo in the southern town of Fotset since 1911. In Chapter 52, when Mustang's group is forcibly disbanded by the Führer, Master Sergeant Kain Fuery is reassigned to South HQ, and from there to the front lines at Fotset. South City was also the center of an earlier border war with Aerugo in 1835 and may be a part of the Nationwide Transmutation Circle

In the 2003 anime series, it is first mentioned by Frank Archer when he and Major Armstrong capture Wrath, who was subsequently taken there. The South City Headquarters are eventually stormed by Izumi Curtis in an attempt to rescue the Homunculus and a four-way battle between the State Military (with Envy disguised as King Bradley), the Elric brothers, Kimblee (where he and Bido were representing Greed's side) and Izumi ensues inside the building.

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No New Posts West City

West City is a city in the western region of Amestris and serves as the military command headquarters for the area. Though little is known about West City and the area under its jurisdiction (as it is the only region of the country not directly visited by the Elric brothers) what is known is that - in the manga - West HQ's forces are frequently in direct conflict with the neighboring country of Creta over the location of the national border. Western military forces are also said to have an impressive number of troops, all adept in guerrilla warfare.

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No New Posts North City

North City is a city in the Northern region of Amestris and serves as the State Military command center for the area. Located to the south of the Briggs Mountain Range, North City is a picturesque town blanketed in snow for much of the year, belying the fact that the sinister dealings of Central Command have taken deep roots there. As the crucial Fort Briggs is rather difficult to achieve by normal means of transportation, military personnel attempting to make contact with the fort must first stop at North HQ and either take the main road on foot or await official escort from Briggs itself.

When Colonel Roy Mustang's team is forcibly disbanded by the Führer, in Chapter 52, Warrant Officer Vato Falman is assigned to North City Headquarters and given a promotion to Second Lieutenant before being once again shunted to Fort Briggs. Also, North HQ is ordered to follow the commands of special agent Solf Kimblee as he attempts to track down the serial murderer known as "Scar" and his cohort, the fugitive Tim Marcoh. After Kimblee causes an explosion in the Baschool mines, Edward Elric is ferreted to a small North City clinic by the Human Chimeras Heinkel and Darius to recover from his injuries. When North Area troops track them down, however, the trio are forced to flee.

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No New Posts Briggs

Briggs is the infamous mountain range located at the northernmost point of Amestris' northern region. Due to its immense height and breadth, the mountains of Briggs serve as a natural barrier along the border between Amestris and its neighboring country, Drachma. This merciless chain of peaks is also home to and namesake of one of the Amestrian State Military's most distinguished garrisons, "Fort Briggs".

Due to its northern climate and mountain altitude, the Briggs mountains in the northern region are snowy year-round, creating a landscape that is described by some as consisting entirely of black and white, but in the winter especially, the already fickle temperatures fall well below zero into frostbite-inducing or hypothermic territory and terrible blizzards roll in frequently without warning. With conditions like these, human habitation is clearly impossible - at least in normal or extended terms - but the frigid sierra is not entirely devoid of life. While flora appears sparse, some species of coniferous evergreens thrive in abundance in the low-to-mid altitudes and the Briggs ecosystem is home to several animal species as well - including eagles, small rabbits, mountain deer, wolves and Briggs Mountain grizzly bears, which are nationally infamous for standing roughly three meters tall on their hind legs.

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No New Posts Reole

Reole[1] (spelled Liore in the 2009 anime and Lior in the 2003 anime’s English dub) is one of the first places visited by the Elric brothers in their quest for the Philosopher's Stone. The State Military's lack of oversight in Reole, combined with the strong religious sense of the citizens (in this sense Reole is similar to Ishval), made it possible for an ambitious man named Father Cornello to institute a sort of theocratic government with himself as the unquestioned ruler. Fashioning himself as a prophet of Leto, the solar god of Reole, and as a miracle worker, Cornello promised riches and everlasting life, even resurrection of dead loved ones, for those who followed him. Though the people of Reole believed he could truly perform miracles, Cornello was merely performing alchemy, using a small Philosopher's Stone, mounted on a ring he wore, to violate the Law of Equivalent Exchange. This attracted the attention of the Elric brothers when they visited Reole, as they initially thought what he had on his ring was what they were looking for.

Another notable inhabitant of Reole is Rosé Thomas, a follower of Cornello until Edward showed her the truth and deposed Cornello from his seat of power. Rosé went on to assume a more active role in the small Reole society, leading the people after Cornello's fall from grace and through the civil conflict that consumed the city in its wake.

Though Alphonse and Ed believed they had managed to overthrow Cornello's theocratic regime and free the city, the two brothers had no idea until much later that in many ways they only made things worse. When Lust, the Homunculus who had originally given Cornello the incomplete Philosopher's Stone he wielded, learned of Cornello's failure, she refused to equip him again with a Stone and allowed Gluttony to eat him. Envy, a shapeshifting Homunculus, impersonated Cornello and took his place, claiming that the Cornello that had just been deposed was an impostor and that he was the true prophet. Cornello's followers were now divided.

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No New Posts Resembol

Resembool is a rural town in the southeastern region of Amestris on the banks of the Rain River. Though small and relatively isolated, Resembool is well known in the region as a sheep-farming town and chiefly exports wool to be used in the manufacture of military uniforms. As such, the town had begun to grow in size due to its various successes, but in 1907, during the Ishval Civil War, Ishvalan terrorists attacked Resembool with explosives due to its military connections and reportedly destroyed everything for several blocks surrounding the train station.

The station was rebuilt and Resembool was able to get back on its feet, but its growth was stunted by the attack and has since remained a small town. Each year, Resembool holds a large Sheep Festival to celebrate the start of Spring.

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